~ Subject to Change ~

Please download the free trial and try it out, then send us feature requests. Our current plan includes the following:

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    Summer 2020
    We'll be adding new features every two weeks. Many features will be added to the trial edition but the most productivity-enhancing features will only be made available to subscribers.
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    Fall 2020
    New features will be added once a month. More time-consuming, complex features will be added at this time. These features will be very powerful and unlike anything seen in other development environments.
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    Winter 2020
    We'll be switching to the new permanent quarterly schedule as we head into 2021. Hold on to your hats! Once a quarter subscribers will get new features which will make you the envy of all your DevOps colleagues.

Please drop us a note if you have any feature ideas. Here are a few of our ideas we hope to build soon:
  • Renaming of var, local, data, modules, and resources
  • Wizard to convert between var, local and data given a field
  • Auto-complete suggestions based on existing scoped names
  • Recommended modules based on popularity, age, revision, and/or author
  • Module extraction from selected resources in an existing project
  • Module in-line to decrease dependency depth
We have many other great ideas but you will need to subscribe to find out more!